Alaska Young Fishermen's Almanac

Prompt Portal

Want to contribute to the Almanac but short on ideas? We can help. 

Here are some categories to try your hand at:

Songs about fishin
Excellent advice a mentor gave you
Gear hacks
What you wish you knew your first day on the water
Knot diagrams
Drawings of vessels and gear
A time you fixed something in a creative way
Must have tools/supplies on board
A time you spent a holiday or major event on the water instead of at home
What 5 knots should every deckhand know
Favorite maritime superstitions
How to deal with sea sickness
Story about the first time/season running a boat
Favorite boat food
Map drawings
Journal entries
Best day of fishing/worst day of fishing
I knew I wanted to be a fisherman when...
Recipes and how-tos
How NOT tos
Lessons learned the hard way

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