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The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network is a developing effort that values principles of mentorship, education, stewardship, accountability and community health in all of its actions. It strives to create opportunities for young fishermen to develop new skills and connections, build strong businesses, and be active and positive members of their fishing communities. This group recognizes that coastal communities rely on strong and stable fisheries, and capable leaders to guide their future. By connecting young fishermen to each other, to strong mentors and to the resources they need to be successful, we support thriving and resilient fishing communities. 

We are currently building a statewide steering committee and regional chapters to help guide development — through social gatherings, educational opportunities, celebrations, resource sharing and more. In late October of 2017, the Network will gather a diverse group of fishermen from across Alaska for a 2-day strategic planning workshop that will help to guide the mission, goals and future activities of the AYFN. This survey will help to inform that process. Please complete it, and share it widely! 

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