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Alaska Young Fishermen's Almanac

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The Project

The Almanac is a book-length publication spearheaded by the Alaska Young Fishermen's Network, and supported by a grant from the Alaska Humanities Forum. By collecting a wide variety of art, stories, advice and more from young fishermen across the coastline, we aim to create a cultural touchstone that helps Alaska's next generation of commercial fishermen communicate about their fishing ways of life — to each other and to their broader communities. 

Publication of the next volume be complete January 2019.  All proceeds from the sale will go to support annual publication of the almanac in order to celebrates our multi-generational fishing communities and the resources and traditions that enrich them. 

We welcome your photos, recipes, stories, poems, art, essays, tricks of the trade, harrowing tales and humorous events. Help us show and tell the stories of Alaska's fishing livelihoods! 

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You can use the form below to submit almanac submissions for the 2018 edition.    Don't forget to include a short bio! 


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